Black & White Event Photojournalism

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This site is an effort to return to my photography roots and follow my own path. I was fortunate that when I obtaineded my formal photography education, that traditional silver halide based black and white photography was still being taught.

This gallery is a selection of both personal and professional work. The photographs tend to lean toward subjects that interest me, including science and technology, travel, and wildlife. There are a few color photographs, and a few were shot with a digital camera. Most of them are minimally digitally edited, just cropping, dust spotting, color correction, and sharpening.

Some would say why bother with all the trouble that comes with using a process that is somewhat messy and labor intensive. I think digital photography is fine and I myself find a little digital camera to be handy, but there is no doubt that something is lost when using a highly automated process, versus using a technique that requires many years of practice to master. Here are just a few reasons that traditional black & white photography is so attractive.

It's a craft

Being slower and more expensive than digital techniques, traditional black & white photography bucks the trend of making everything cheaper and faster. It takes considerable practice to master the art and craft of printmaking. What makes a hand-crafted bw photo beautiful, is that it is imperfect and unique. Each photo carries with it the soul of its maker.

Carries more intrinsic value

The process requires quality materials that are moderately expensive and more difficult to manipulate, thus more value is added. It's a process that requires a fare amount of skill and effort.

Higher quality to garbage ratio

Using traditional techniques requires the photographer to be a bit more selective about what is photographed, thus producing a higher number of quality photographs.

Original Prints

The process allows a distinction between original prints and prints made from originals. The latter of which are never carry as much value.

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